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Below are some frequently asked questions we received from our buyers.
If you have other questions, feel free to submit a question via the form, or email contact@charmedflora.com.

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Sure! Just select “local pickup” from the shipping options, we will follow up with you after receiving your order to schedule a time for you to come by.
Yes, we will ship securely packaged plants anywhere in the United States (except Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska) using USPS. We can also include heat packs for areas that might be too harsh for plants to survive. If the weather is extreme, or the plants chosen are more susceptible to shipping damage, we suggest that you opt for Priority Express shippping.
Yes, we are a registered nursery in the state of Texas.
In some cases, we may be able to put you on a waiting list for plants we do not currently have in stock. Please contact us and let us know what you’re searching for.
Some plants may be imported, and others may not. Because we source from many suppliers, we don’t separate imported plants from non-imported plants for the purpose of sales. However, we do ensure that plants are healthy and ready for your home before putting them in the shop.
We will guarantee the quality of the plants we ship, but once the packages leave our hands, it' is difficult to guarantee how they may be handled in shipping. If you are unhappy with a plant you’ve received, please reach out to us to help make it right.

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