The website is live!

  • By Scott Meyer
  • 17 Dec, 2020
The website is live!

I’ve spent years caring for and curating a beautiful collection of plants for the purpose of sharing them with my friends and anyone who was willing to talk about planty things. As my own collection has grown, more and more friends began asking if they could purchase some of my prized plants. I didn’t want to say “no”, but also wanted them to enjoy the plants as much as I have.

I started building up inventory in my garage. It was easy at first when there were only a few plants and I would trade with people online. But, somewhere between setting up my fifth wire rack with grow lights and automatic watering, I knew I was going to need more space. I’ll tell you about that later.

So, as my hobby grew, I decided to start on a journey to setup my own little licensed nursery and online shop. Once all of the paperwork was squared away, I started putting together this website.

Here, I’ll be able to add plants that I have available to buy when they’re ready and meet the criteria I would expect myself when buying plants online (sign-up for our restock alerts if you want to notified, too). I’ll also post my plant growing experiences here - sharing new baby leaves, bloom, stellar specimens, etc.

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